UNIVERSAL LOADING CHARGER LOG HF multi-voltage battery charger 2-80V 5-130A 3Ph 400Vac

High frequency multi-voltage battery charger with possibility to charge batteries from 2 to 80V with currents from 5 to 130A. It can be programmed directly from the buttons on the screen without using the Program Shooter. This charger is designed for workshops that need to constantly charge different types of batteries of different capacities. In addition to the charging curves for WET, GEL and AGM batteries, it has a charge curve for battery desulphation, which can be selected on the screen under “Desulf”. In addition to the display there is a large backlit panel that  indicates state of charge by changing color. Equipped with bi-directional USB interface with a USB flash drive included for data storage and software update. CAN BUS interface on request.

Direct programming through the buttons on the screen.

Bi-directional USB interface with a USB flash drive included.

LCD display with the possibility to display voltage, current, Ah charged, charge status.

RGB backlit panel that indicates state of charge by changing color.

Charging curve for battery desulphation.

Types of rechargeable batteries: Wet Lead, Gel Lead, AGM, LiFePO4

Available accessories / Customization on request:

Company logo on the RGB backlit panel.

Power and battery plugs (Cod.221971, 221972, 221975)

AIR PUMP EUW (221980)

Pick Up transport trolley (221962)

Wall bracket three-phase chargers (221964)

Smart Water - device dedicated to the automatic refilling of water inside lead-acid traction batteries (221985)

Battery voltage

2V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 64V, 72V, 80V

Battery capacity (6-8h)


Battery capacity (9-12h)


Output current


Battery type


Input voltage

3Ph 400Vac


Battery charger – Power Supply





Degree of protection

IP 44

Battery capacity