MERAK 201 PFC Inverter welding machine (MMA-200A)

Inverter welding machine in SAT technology for coated electrode (MMA) and TIG welding in direct current (DC) with scratch striking. Professional use.

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High efficiency.

Welding with cellulosic, rutile, basic, aluminum, steel, cast iron electrodes.

Can be powered by a generator.

Hot start, Arc force, Anti-sticking, TIG

Struttura metallica antiurto per la massima robustezza

Reduced size and weight.

Available accessories and spare parts:

Welding kit PRO-TECH/25 (900025)

Electrode cable 200A 25 mm2 3m dinse 25 with ground clamp (900125)

Electrode cable 200A 25 mm2 5m dinse 25 with electrode holder (900225)

Ground clamp 200A stal (900311)

Electrode holder 200A (900321)

TIG torch 150A (900600)

Ceramic nozzle GR4 (900700)

Ceramic nozzle GR6 (900701)

Electrode diffuser Ø 1,6 (900702)

Electrode diffuser Ø 2,4(900703)

TIG electrode holder Ø 1,6 (900704)

TIG electrode holder Ø 2,4(900705)

Welding pen (900706)

Tungsten electrode cerium 2% 1,6x175 mm grey

Tungsten electrode cerium 2% 2,4x175 mm grey

Regulation field

5 – 200A

Duty cycle @

30% @ 200A – 60%

Input voltage

1Ph 230Vac

Installed power

4, 7 kW



Power factor

0.8 Cos ϕ


0.85 η

No-load voltage


Usable electrodes

1.6-5Ø mm







Electrode diameter

5 Ø mm