Integrated Charging System

Thanks to its research and development department, Polar has created a highly innovative Integrated Charging System (ICS), which enables a quick view of the charging status of the batteries group through radio data transmission to make possible enable remote evaluation of the charging procedure and precise vehicle scheduling.

The system is structured on three levels:


Level 1 (Batteries)

All the batteries will be equipped with an on-board electronic control unit (BMS – Battery Manager System) which will continuously record, both in the discharge phases (energy delivery to the vehicle) and in the recharging phases (energy reception from the battery chargers):

    • Battery voltage
    • Current input or output
    • Battery temperature
    • Water level

After connecting to the battery charger the BMS communicates with the charger thanks to the CAN-BUS interface. Initially, it transmits the battery parameters and the percentage of discharge to allow the charger to set the charging parameters correctly.This is to obtain a full charge of the battery within a certain period of time (usually 8 or 10 hours). In the next step it transmits the data collected and stored during the discharge phase when the BMS was not communicating with any charger. Lastly, as long as it remains connected to the charger, the BMS will provide the current battery data.


Level 2 (Battery chargers).

The battery chargers communicate with the BMS through the CAN-BUS when they are connected. They deliver the charge current according to the set curve, and open the distilled water dispensing valve on BMS signal. They communicate with the third level (control room) by radio. They transmit the data that was stored inside the BMS and, during the charging period, instant data.


Level 3 (Control room)

Data transmitted by battery chargers are obtained from the control room. The global and current situation can be read on the monitor. In particular, the indication of which chargers are charging which batteries, what is their percentage of charge, what is their temperature, what is the level of distilled water. From the disk of the connected PC you can check the entire history of the system charges.

Our Integrated Charging System allows:


The instantaneous display of the state of charge of the system’s batteries, to establish which electric vehicles are being charged, which ones are already charged and how soon those still charging will be ready.

The recharging of the batteries by any battery charger (CB) of the system, based on the identification of the batteries both for what concerns their own voltage and capacity, and for what concerns the current state of charge.

The transmission of instantaneous data using radio communications instead of having to install wires.


The storage of charging data from the installation of the system to date, in order to evaluate the effective application of the correct charging procedures.