Who we are

Polar is a young and dynamic company founded on the experience and knowledge of its members. Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in research and development of high frequency battery chargers and to a continuous collaboration with its customers, it has specialized in the creation of integrated charging products and systems which, being equipped with maximum flexibility, optimize the costs generated by the charging processes, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and profitability.




All three-phase chargers are equipped with an backlit panel which, thanks to a color code, indicates the progress of the charge. On request, it is possible to have the customer’s logo on it, at no additional cost.


Multilingual team of export sales.

Thanks to a staff made up of native speakers, Polar is able to communicate with all the companies in some of the main international markets and offer a fast and effective assistance service.


USB interface

BIDIRECTIONAL USB interface allows the reading of past charges data with a maximum limit of the previous 5 years. On input, uploading files received by email from Polar, it allows the reprogramming of the device, solving the problems of updating and customizing the software.

Modular construction.

Polar, thanks to the modularity of construction that characterizes all the models produced in its facility, guarantees reduced production times.


Service of all brands.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, Polar is able to offer a repair service for every brand on the market, guaranteeing our customers complete assistance on the entire fleet also out of warranty.



The Program Shooter is a device that guarantees the programming of the main parameters of the chargers, covering 4 aspects of the charge that the end-user is most interested in. The Program shooter adapts to most batteries on the market and to the needs of almost all of our targets, allowing a significant reduction of stock in the warehouse with the possibility of reusing already-owned equipment, consequently reducing the costs of new purchases and waste disposal.

Integrated Charging System


The Integrated Charging System is an integrated charging system based on CAN-BUS and radio communications suitable for companies with a medium- and large-sized fleet of machines that need global and total control of all the reference parameters, both new and used ones. It increases the efficiency of forklift management thanks to the immediate and effective charge status control of the entire fleet.